Curl Talk

So you made the decision to go all natural, GREAT! Welcome to the world of natural-ity. Your excitement and commitment in doing whatever it takes to maintain your curls and keep them looking good and healthy is applauded. However, we all experienced that hint of nervousness at the onset of going fully natural, because, here’s the thing, do you really know your curls? Can you take good care of them? Can you get the look you imagined? Which products do I buy?

Going back to our natural wavy curls, the way you remember your hair at your earliest age can be either exciting or horrific. If you had thick curly hair, the washing and detangling process may have come with tears. Big-tooth combs were never big enough to comb through those tangled hair strands, and, it always took forever. Getting through the hair washing/styling process was dreaded and a big relief once done. For some of us, trying a different recommended product at each wash time gave renewed hope. The solution, braids, perms and wigs. The truth is, we never really understood our hair.

Luckily, today, the world of Curl-care is wide open with warm and inviting information. Brave explorers before us paved the way and left us information-filled trails we can confidently follow. Building a deep relationship with your curls begin with knowing and falling truly in love with your hair stands and pattern. Every hair type and every hair strand is beautiful.

Shampooing and conditioning your hair is critical in the curl care process but not all shampoos are alike and not all conditioners are the same. Due diligence is a must.

Achieving the best look for your curls is dependent on your level of commitment. Critical in our care routine is proper hydration and moisture preservation. Choosing to go with a water based product and water based hair-care routine like XPO H20 will eliminate the trial-and-error time it takes figuring out which oils works best with you hair type. Experts have done the, and results will speak for itself, your curls will speak, WOW!

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