Beauty As Life Style

Tried and tested, Mother Nature is known as the foundation and inspiration for every desire, and everything representing Beauty.

Embracing your beauty dream and style hinges on not only availability but transparency and truthfulness of information based on science, innovation and tested formulation to deliver the results you desire.

Your energy introduces you and is your expression to the world. What surrounds that energy is your beauty. And just as a Dandelion does not compete with a Rose for admiration, our perception of beauty is intrinsically our own creation.

We are not beautiful ‘like’ anyone else, you are beautiful, just like you!

Tame wildness with focus and watch beauty emerge.

If you’re open to it, let’s challenge our held concepts of hair care rituals handed down to us through varying traditions and cultures.

Our ancestors knew how to make their hair look beautiful whether through straitening, braiding or simply using ancient secret ingredients. Not only are hair rituals intimate, it is a time of bonding, storytelling and a time to uphold valued folklore.

The notion of exotic oils and their potency in beauty regimes have been classically upheld throughout the ages. Rightly so, oils play a significant role in our way of life. However, about a decade ago, through research to suit a more vintage life style, the idea of using water instead of oil as the main carrier ingredient for curly hair products was introduced. A wave was birthed on the market.

Water based products brag a cleaner feel to it application. There is no oil residue buildup on hair strands so cleansing/shampooing is simpler. This cleaner feel follows through to less possibility of acne breakouts on the skin.

Our world today is booming with new and old information that we can dare to question myths and old wives’ tales while still embracing our traditional values. The right to choose depends on your vision of your beauty look. BUT, if you want mesmerizing long lasting CURLS, look no further. XPO H20 is the bridge that connects your inner beauty vision to outer spectacular curls.

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